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She said ‘conservative’ and she was right.

October 23, 2009 3 comments

I don’t understand what the big deal is. In the recent Oprah episode which featured Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, Oprah described Lebanon as a “deeply conservative” country. Today, I came across a Facebook group entitled “Dear Oprah… Lebanon is NOT like that,” and the photo for the group is a shot from the video used on the show. It’s a photo of veiled women. And so now I’m thinking, are these Facebook people serious? Are they really insulted by that image or by that word? You guys, Lebanon IS a conservative country. Sure, it’s the most liberal in the Arab World, and sure not all women are Muslim or veiled, but hey it falls under conservative. Ajram was featured as a star from the Middle East and not just from Lebanon. So why retaliate against the use of the word ‘conservative’? 

Please, consider the following. People from different religious backgrounds in Lebanon have to travel 150 miles to Cyprus in order to get married. A couple can’t under Lebanese law live together unless they’re married. And some still argue about the use of the word ‘conservative’? Trust me, there’s a lot worse that can be said besides conservative.