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Kibbeh? Check. Hummus? Check. Tabbouleh?

At first, I heard about the largest kibbeh plate and I thought those Lebanese women were so cute. Then came the fight for the largest hummus plate and I thought this is starting to become ridiculous. But despite my personal opinion, apparently the Lebanese feel very passionate about their hummus and so we’re officially in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest hummus serving. I hope everyone’s happy about it. Can we move on now? No. There’s only one more fight left (let’s hope it’s the last) and that’s for the largest tabbouleh plate, scheduled to take place tomorrow on the 25th of October. Okay, now I’m thinking are these people out of their minds? What’s the point? So we make it into the book and then what? Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE Lebanese hummus, but I really think there’s way more important issues that are WORTH fighting for besides food and world records. 
There are two questions I would like to find the answer for. One, how much money was spent to make this event today and two, what happened to all the hummus?
Photo Credits: AFP

Photo Credits: AFP

Lebanese chefs gathered around the largest hummus plate in Beirut, Lebanon.
  1. NOT the organizer of this event...
    October 24, 2009 at 9:20 PM

    What do you mean that there are more important issues worth fighting for? What can be more important than making the largest hummus plate in an obvious attempt to assert Lebanese cultural dominance over the dish for generations to come??

  2. im with the right and the truth
    November 6, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    im with whoever wrote the short essay at the top^^^^!!!We do have more uimportant stuff than makeing the wolds largest “whatever”(no offences i dont really know there names properly). Like donating all that money they spent in that plate of hummus to gaza!!! Or we can help the phillistens in there war!!! Why can’t we fuacouse on something more important??? Hey don’t get me wrong!!! I don’t always stay on help people i do have parties and go to them and i do go shopping and buy expensive brand stuff and go to expensive resturants but i don’ty forget those other people in gaza and phillisten they are always on my mind!!! Why can’t we help them instead of trying to get our way to the book of records and if we get our way there then what (like you said whoever wrote that essay) just TYHEN WHAT??? I’ll tell u then what (no ofdence) we’ll keep on going saying “we’re in the book of records” ( no offences i do that sometimes) but it5s not a big deal if you’re in the book of records or not!!!
    p.s.:im gona answer you’re questions (whoever wrote that essay)A1.I dom’t know how much they paid for the event!!! A2.But i know what happened to the hummos they opened the buffet and people came and ate it (im not kidding it was written in the newspaper) and people took plates and ate the hummos.

    p.s.:im don’t mean any insulting i this comment im just saying MY OPINION, and im not saying that everyone else is wrong. and agian i don’t mean and insultaion ( no offences):):D!!!

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  2. October 25, 2009 at 7:53 PM
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